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Shaw Neighborhood Washington DC

I toured this home today in the Shaw Neighborhood of Washington DC for a buyer client relocating to the area. The backyard of the home as you can see was truly amazing! If you are thinking about selling your home, investing in landscaping & curb appeal is a sure return on your investment! Creating outdoor spaces allows the perspective buyers to not only see the beauty of the inside but also the space outside. It serves as an extension of the house and therefore makes the space appear bigger than it really is. This is very important in Washington DC were the prices in real estate are soaring! Thinking about selling your home and want to know what your home would sell for today, visit For a Comprehensive  Home Selling Valuation and to receive My Neighborhood Home Sales Report to see what  homes are selling for in your area, call 202-276-2295 or email me at to request your report today. Happy Selling!

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