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Home Selling Tips 2018 DC

      Home Selling Tip Of The Day! While creating open spaces and decluttering, one can never forget the power of staging. Yes you can depersonalize, declutter, and maintain an open space when stagging a home. An empty space is not as inviting as one that has been professionally staged. The purpose of staging is to season the property with the right ingredients to build a desire to write an offer. The buyer has to see themselves in the property and enjoying the space. Stagging also offers creative designing strategies for the buyer. This goes a long way when selling a property with extremely unique features. Bottom line, staging can help to increase your bottom line when selling for top dollar! Thinking about selling your home and want to know what your home would sell for today, visit For a Comprehensive  Home Selling Valuation and to receive My Neighborhood Home Sales Report to see what  homes are selling for in your area, call 202-276-2295 or ema

Montgomery County Maryland New Homes

The Beauty of New Construction! I was out with a client in Montgomery County and thought I would take a picture of this amazing 2 story living room. My client was over taken by the amount of light that shined through! If you are thinking about purchasing a new construction home and would like to know more about the process and communities in DC Maryland and Virginia, visit Remember, you need to take an experienced agent with you to negotiate in your best interest. The agent you are speaking to represents the builder. not you! The builder pays your agent to represent you. If you are thinking about purchasing a new construction home, feel free to contact me 202-276-2295, I would be happy to put my expertise to work for you!

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